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Social Ads Mentor is a full service pay-per-click marketing boutique service for coaches, consultants & course creators that want to generate more booked appointments and webinar sales without wasting budget or time.

Proven Strategies. Proven Results.

With over $20 million spent in campaigns and ads in dozens of industries, our large archive of data is our secret weapon to mapping out, constructing & optimizing paid ad campaigns so you can get more clients & sales.

Why Social Ads Mentor?

“The algorithm keeps changing.”

“My pixel isn’t firing properly.”

“Social media doesn’t work like it used to.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems we hear our clients go on about why they aren’t getting enough leads and sales.

But guess what?

Things change and get updated...

And you can bet things will only continue to develop and become more complex.

Not just with technicalities like tracking and advertising policies…

But with marketing in general: funnels, ad creatives, targeting, webinars and the tactics behind them.

As new softwares, platforms and strategies are constantly breaking through...

As well as customers becoming increasingly more aware in this technologically-driven world...

What’s working right now won’t work next year.

And if you’re still implementing what some guru said to do years ago, getting top-notch results is constantly going to escape your grasp.

That’s a big reason so many online business owners struggle to break through their glass ceiling.

It took us over $20 million in campaigns and ad spend to see the trends and where they’re headed.

And Yes, We Walk The Talk.

Here’s The Proof...

Done-With-You, Done-For-You,

or Full Service?

Whether you want to outsource your entire paid marketing strategy, get some feedback & education to perfect your funnel strategy or something in between, we’ll work with you to make sure your funnel & ads convert like wildfire so you can grow & scale.

Social Media Campaign


Funnel Buildout

Data Tracking


Marketing Strategy

Campaign Optimization

Split Testing

Creative Design

Level 1:


“I want the experts to teach me how to create, run and optimize campaigns so I can do it on my own.”

Level 2:


“I want the experts to build out the funnels and set everything up but I want to run the traffic myself while keeping the experts just in case I need help or something comes up.”

Level 3:

Full Service

“I don’t have the time to worry about marketing and just want to focus on my zone of genius. I’ll leave the funnels, traffic and optimization to the experts.” (Best suited for companies earning at least $30K per month in revenue and want to scale beyond 7-figures.)

That’s why coaches, consultants and course creators come to us.

Not only because we’re experienced and have tons of data (which obviously helps a lot…)

Nor is it because we keep up with what’s working today...

But because we understand one thing that takes others decades to realize…

It’s the one thing that most marketers cannot see because they’re eclipsed by what the latest gurus tell them to do…

Call it your audience. Your ideal buyer. Your client avatar. Whatever you want.

We understand people.

You’re selling your offer to people with emotions, hopes, dreams, fears and flaws.

They’re not just stats and numbers…

They reflect your stats and numbers.

And if you’re not seeing the numbers you’re aiming for…

Then there’s a good chance you’re just not resonating with the people you intend to.

Maybe your messaging is off…

Or your ads just aren’t eye-catching enough to stop them in their tracks.

It could even be that your offer doesn’t help them the way you think it will..

Or you simply just aren’t getting your message or offer in front of the right people...

But that’s okay!

That’s why you came here, right?

You want to get in front of the right people...

You want to share something that can help them potentially transform their lives...

You want to relate with them in a way that doesn’t simply make your ideal audience just trust you, but look up to you as a bona fide authority..

(Or maybe you just want to fill your calendar with piping hot leads so you can make more sales & scale your offer as fast as possible…)

We don’t judge.

Either way, we’re here to help you.

Social Ads Mentor doesn’t just launch campaigns for coaches, consultants and course creators.

We help launch proven high-ticket client acquisition systems..

Irresistible and precisely targeted to deliver unsurpassed lead quality….

Through the intelligent use of ad tracking, split testing, benefit-driven hooks and results-oriented images and landing pages…

While side-stepping every iOS update, every algorithm change and every guru’s untested advice.

Your prospects will have already started to envision themselves as a result of using your product or service.

That’s the moment we capture them and help you leverage their interest for an unrivaled return on investment.

We offer full service marketing build out, strategy and optimization…

And a done-for-your service where we’ll build out your funnels and all that’s left to do is press ‘Push’...

As well as personalized mentorship so you can learn what actually works and implement on your own.

So if you’re new to the world of online marketing and need to find your bearings…

Or if you’re already running campaigns but not hitting the metrics you’re aiming for...

Or if you know how to market but just don’t have the time because your schedule is packed with other things...

Or even if marketing just isn’t in your zone of genius…

We will do everything in our power to help you get the results you need to smash through your goals.

If you know what you need help with or if you have any questions…

(or if you just want to say hi…)

Just tap that button below!

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